Last updated Thursday, June 13, 2019.

  • My wife and I just celebrated our tenth anniversary by taking a nice long trip to Jamaica, just the two of us. It was delightful!
  • I recently wrapped up my long-running New Rustacean podcast project, and have just started working on an even more ambitious project: to build a genuinely great research writing environment—working title rewrite. There’s a mailing list for updates.
  • I started as a staff software engineer at LinkedIn early this year, working on front-end infrastructure.
  • I dealt with some nasty burnout in the latter half of 2018. I blogged about it quite a bit. I expect to keep blogging about it as appropriate, but at a lower volume.


There’s a lot going on here, and it’s always changing. See the the dedicated page!


  • I gave an updated version of the 3-hour workshop on using TypeScript in Ember.js applications that I gave last year.
  • I gave a lightning talk on CSS Modules at the Denver Ember meetup in late 2018.
  • I gave a talk on Rust and WebAssembly at the Denver/Boulder Rust meetup in May 2018.
  • I gave a talk on Ember.js and TypeScript at EmberATX in April 2018; you can watch it here.
  • I gave a talk titled “Becoming a Contributor” at Rust Belt Rust 2017, October 26–27. The video is up on YouTube, and you can also see the slides for the talk here or read the prepared script here.


  • I am in the early phases of building rewrite (the working title): an incredibly ambitious vision for a genuinely great research writing environment.

  • Since early 2017, I’ve been working on making the experience of writing TypeScript and Ember.js together awesome. typed-ember on GitHub is where all the action is at. I’ve also been writing a series of blog posts, “Typing Your Ember”, to help people get off the ground.

  • I published True Myth, a library for safer (functional) programming in TypeScript, Flow, or plain-old JavaScript. You can read about the project in its docs or in my introductory blog post.