The (many) places you can hear my voice.


  • Winning Slowly – a show about technology, religion, ethics, and art (or, as I sometimes like to joke: literally everything humans do), cohosted with Stephen Carradini. Biweekly episodes when in the middle of a season; otherwise at our leisure.

  • Mass Affection – a show about the Mass Effect trilogy, cohosted with my wife Jaimie. We’re currently aiming to publish at least one episode each month.



  • New Rustacean – a show about the Rust programming language. Concluded in May 2018 after just over 100 episodes!

  • Run With Me – a micro-podcast about running. It’s conceivable I may pick this up in the near future; I enjoyed this show a lot, but had my headphones, with their built-in microphone, destroyed by our cat; and I haven’t bought another pair I can use that way, and it’s been a few years, now…

  • Sap.py – a short podcast I did with Jaimie about her adventures learning Python. Life got in the way and she chose to focus her many talents on other efforts.