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Hello! I’m Chris Krycho (thus the URL).

My wonderful family! (see full size)
My wonderful family! (see full size)

A few things about me you might find interesting:

  • I’m a Christian: catholic, Reformed, and Presbyterian.

  • I’m the happy husband of Jaimie Krycho.

  • I’m the delighted dad of two little girls, Ellie and Kate.

  • We live in Colorado.

  • I write software for a living—these days mostly TypeScript (with a nice smattering of HTML and SCSS, and now even some CSS Modules!) in a large Ember.js app. I also sometimes dip my toes into the C and F codebases at work, and I do an awful lot of Rust related things on the side, including some WebAssembly! Past work has included Fortran, C, PHP, C++, Python, and JavaScript.

    I also maintain several open source projects, most importantly:

    • ember-cli-typescript – use TypeScript in your Ember.js 2.x apps!

    • True Myth – a library for safer programming in JavaScript, with first-class support for TypeScript. (Maybe and Result types and helpers!)

  • I host podcasts!

    • Winning Slowly: a show I cohost with Stephen Carradini, taking the long view on technology, religion, ethics, and art—or, as I sometimes describe it to people, “everything humans do”

    • New Rustacean: a show about the Rust programming language and the people using it

    • Mass Affection: a show about Mass Effect which I cohost with my wife Jaimie (because we’re nerds!)

  • I write extensively here about technology, art, and faith.

  • I also sometimes also write at Mere Orthodoxy.

  • I run—a lot! I try to do at least one half marathon every year. I also cycle a fair bit and sometimes even swim, with the occasional triathlon tossed in.

  • Every once in a long while, I also compose new music.

If you’re interested in the specific details of what I’m up to at any given moment, you can check out my Now page, which I keep fairly up-to-date.

Feel free to email me if you have questions, thoughts, etc. about the things I write about! You can reach me at [email protected].