I Have a Patreon!

If you like what you get from reading this site, you can support my writing.

January 01, 2019Filed under Blog#crowdfunding#patronage#writingMarkdown source

Assumed Audience: people who really like this website and like patronage or crowd-funding.

Happy 2019, readers! As I move into 2019, I wanted to publicize something that has existed for most of the last year, but which I have not yet made much noise about: my Patreon!

In this space, I write blog posts and essays on technology, theology, and art. I write about the process of building open-source software. I sometimes even write poetry and compose music and share those here! I do all of those things no matter what. But if you wanted to support my various efforts in this space by helping me stay well-supplied with delicious coffee, I’d really appreciate it!

The benefits for patrons, as I’m publicly launching it:

$1/month $5/month $25/month
A shoutout on Twitter! ⃪ plus access to a private podcast about what I’m thinking about and working! ⃪ plus commentary and ancillary materials for my essays!

I don’t expect this kind of patronage ever to be a massive part of my income. I do think it’s a good thing to support the writers and thinkers whose work impacts us, and so it’s important to let people support us if they’re interested in doing so! So if you’d like to support the work I do on this website, and especially if you’d like to see me do more of the important, careful essays that are the kinds of things I want to be doing, consider supporting me!

(Note that posts about this will not be a regular occurrence on the blog. I will probably integrate a link to the Patreon account into my RSS feed, but otherwise I will not mention it on the site more than once a year.)

Regardless of whether you support my work on this site financially, thank you for reading!