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Ember Type-Defs Livestreaming

I’m totally becoming a YouTube star. That’s how this works, right?

July 20, 2019Filed under Tech#emberjs#javascript#typescriptMarkdown source

Assumed Audience: People interested in Ember and/or TypeScript.

Over the course of the rest of this year, I’m going to be working regularly on expanding the set of available TypeScript type definitions in the Ember.js community. A huge part of that effort is enabling others to do the work. It’s completely unfeasible for me to be the only person (or even the Typed Ember team the only people) doing this work. There’s simply too much to be done!

One part of my work, then, is figuring out how to level up the community’s ability to take on these tasks. I’m going to be doing this in a few ways:pairing with people who want to convert their addons to TypeScript or write type definitions for them, creating much deeper guides on how to convert a library to TypeScript or write effective types for a third-party library, and—more notably for this post—live-streaming, and sharing recordings of, as many of those efforts as I can.

I’m hoping that this will prove a boon not only to the Ember community, but also to the TypeScript community at large. Many people are comfortable working in these spaces… but especially as TypeScript’s popularity grows, having more of this kind of advanced material will hopefully be a boon to lots of teams in lots of frameworks and contexts.

You can check out the recording of the first live-stream (working on types for a new module layout in Ember Data 3.11) here, and I created a dedicated YouTube playlist for all of this content, as well: Typing the Ember.js Ecosystem!

Here’s the first episode! (Note that I accidentally overlapped the tool I’m using to show keystrokes and the video—noob mistake for sure!)

I expect to be doing this on the following dates almost certainly:

  • August 16
  • September 20
  • October 18 or
  • November 15
  • December 20

I will also be doing it a number of other Fridays throughout the year—most likely beginning with August 9. To watch live, you can follow me on Twitch. I’ll also always announce those plans in the Ember Discord at least one day ahead of time, and I’ll shortly be setting up an ongoing thread in the Ember forums for discussion and feedback and the like.

Here’s hoping both Ember and non-Ember users find the materials helpful in picking up TypeScript!