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Christology: God With Us and For Us

Audio and notes from an adult Sunday School class I’m teaching at our church!

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Assumed Audience: orthodox (note the little ‘o’!) Christians. You’re of course very welcome to dig into this material if you are not a Christian, but it’s a Sunday School class, so I’m not addressing non-Christians!

Updated September 1, 2019: added EPUB and PDF links at the bottom of the post, as well as direct links to each class page on the Forestgate website.

For the four Sundays starting today, I’m teaching a class at our church, “Christology: God With Us and For Us”. The summary for the class:

The topic of Christology probably sounds important, but it might also seem a little abstract or heady. But—as Colossians and Hebrews and many saints along the years will help us see—while Christology is indeed a feast for our minds, it is also comfort for our weary souls, because it’s our truest, deepest, richest picture of God’s love for us. By God’s grace, we’ll all come out encouraged by Jesus the Son’s work on our behalf, and stirred up to love and worship him more!

If you’re interested, you can find each week’s notes and audio on the dedicated page for the class (as on the page for today’s lesson), or you can follow along by subscribing in any podcast player in the teaching and sermons feed I set up for these kinds of things a few years ago:

If you prefer to read, you can see the full text I prepared (not identical with what I said: I extemporize!) at the pages for each day of teaching:

You can also download the full text for all four weeks:

(Note that, per my standing principle of avoiding self-promotion and branding, this is the only time I’ll post about this series.)