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Writing Plans for the Rest of 2018

May 18, 2018Filed under blogMarkdown source

A quick note on what you can expect here over the next few months: mostly, not much that isn’t technical, and not very much of that. I suggested a couple months ago that it’s worth intentionally carving out different phases for different things, and I’m intentionally carving out a phase that’s lighter on blogging.

I have mapped out a pretty aggressive schedule for New Rustacean to hit some (mostly but not entirely self-imposed) goals and deadlines—on which I’m quite behind.1 As such, most of my writing time needs to be dedicated to that through roughly September.

And it’s not going to change much even after that, because I have a different writing project I’ll be starting work on in October.

It’s not that you won’t get occasional blog posts on ethics and theology and so on. I don’t think I could stop myself from blogging that way from time to time if I wanted to. But it won’t be the focus, and if things are relatively quiet around here for much of the rest of the year, don’t worry… you know why!

  1. As I’ve mentioned here before: building a workshop for EmberConf proved to be even more work than I expected going into it, and I followed that up by giving talks at our engineering all-hands and Austin ATX a month later, and a talk at the Denver/Boulder Rust meetup just this week.

    Besides a lightning talk I’m giving at Denver Ember in June, I think I’m done giving talks of any sort for quite some time. Because seriously.