Ringworld Review

A classic, Hugo- and Nebula-winning novel: I enjoyed it… but it felt a bit overrated.

October 14, 2018Filed under Art#book reviews#reading#science fictionMarkdown source

I keep my book review ratings simple—they’re either required, recommended, recommended with qualifications, or not recommended. If you want the TL;DR, this is it:

Recommended: In want of a bit of classic sci-fi, I recently picked up Larry Niven’s Ringworld and read it this week. I enjoyed it, but more than that I find it hard to say. I’m still not sure exactly what to describe it as: an exploratory high concept romp, maybe. The characters were fine, the plot serviceable, and the two high concepts very high indeed. (Certainly the more interesting of those conceits is the one not advertized by the title of the book.) I’m not sad I read it; I also don’t think I’d read it again. I might even call it a bit overrated.