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Destructuring with True Myth 1.3+

A thing I didn't even realize I could do until after I published it.

May 19, 2018Filed under tech#functional programming#libraries#open source software#true myth#typescriptMarkdown source

I just realized a neat capability that True Myth 1.3+ unlocks: you can now use destructuring of the value property on Just and Result and the error property on Error instances.

With Maybe instances:

import Maybe, { just, nothing, isJust } from 'true-myth/maybe';

const maybeStrings: Maybe<string>[] =
  [just('hello'), nothing(), just('bye'), nothing()];

const lengths = maybeStrings
  .map(({ value }) => value.length);

With Result instances:

import Result, { ok, err } from 'true-myth/result';

const results: Result<number, string>[] =
  [ok(12), err('wat'), err('oh teh noes'), ok(42)];

const okDoubles = results
  .map(({ value }) => value * 2);

const errLengths = results
  .map(({ error }) => error.length);

None of this is especially novel or anything. It was just a neat thing to realize after the fact, because it wasn’t something I had in mind when I was making these changes!1

  1. This was a very strange experience. There’s nothing quite like learning something about a library you wrote.