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The Future of JavaScript

ES2015, ES2016, and Hopes for ES2017 and Later

March 02, 2016Filed under Tech#javascript#programming languages#software development#talksMarkdown source

I gave a short tech talk at my new employer Olo today, covering a number of the changes current and forthcoming in ECMAScript 2015 and later. Alas, I ran out of time in preparation and didn’t get to cover everything I wanted—I would have liked very much to cover modules, and to cover fat-arrow-functions in more depth than I did. I’ll look forward to hopefully giving further tech talks at Olo in the future, and perhaps giving this one, expanded and finished out a bit, elsewhere. (If you’d like me to give a talk, including this one, just let me know!) In the meantime, you can take a look at the slides, which I think will be helpful and interesting!

And yes, there were a lot of really delightful Doctor Who references in this talk. Because of course there were!